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Welcome to The Association of Chief Children's Nurses

The ACCN is an organisation committed to strategically influencing policy for children and young people. We aim to do this through our membership of 100 constituent organisations to form one professional voice drawn from our breadth of experience.

As our member organisations move to deliver care through integrated care systems and services seek to address some difficult challenges, the opportunity and need for CYP nurses at all levels to come together with one professional voice and advocate for children and young people has never been greater.

The ACCN has a monthly support meeting for senior CYP leaders to come together and discuss issues and challenges as well as celebrate success in leading CYP services. The ACCN meet quarterly for a professionals meeting, sharing of ideas and developing our priorities for CYP.

In order to join the ACCN, members need to be the most senior nurse responsible for children and young people in their organisation. There is no membership fee and you are welcome you to access our website as we aim to post information and resources here, which are freely available to all.