Our History

The Association of Chief Children’s Nurses was established around 30 years ago as a network for senior nurses who led Children and Young People’s services with more than 100 beds. Although the commitment to shape and influence policy, share best practice and solve difficult challenges together has not changed during that time, the shape of children and young people’s services has. In 1990 children’s services were predominantly centred around inpatient NHS beds, whereas today they are a tapestry of acute and mental health inpatient and community services, hospice care, school based services all delivered through a complex interplay of NHS, Local Authority, voluntary, charitable and private providers.

The Association historically is also a UK wide organisation and has provided advice to the health boards of the four countries. We are proud to retain membership links from our constituent countries and welcome opportunities to work together. Whilst health policy varies across the UK our commitment to supporting each other and working together in the best interests of children and young people is strongly recognised.

​Previous Chairs of the ACCN have included:

  • Sally Nethercott
  • Judith Ellis OBE
  • Angela Horsley MBE
  • Michelle Mcloughlin CBE
  • Sally Shearer OBE

There is limited historical documentation relating to the Association of Chief Children’s Nurses but we remain very proud of our legacy and welcome further contributions to this page.